Sustainable Sales Consultancy

Accession Consulting helps optimize your sales strategy, process and practices. Our scalable solutions provide sustainable growth, risk mitigation, and net profitability.

A Sales Consultancy Focused on Net Profitability

Increasing revenue is valuable only to the extent that increased revenue improves profitability.   Accession Consulting will help your company build a business case for any potential future state scenarios and work with leadership to determine the best way to promote the health of your company.

Sales Strategy

Your environment and competition is constantly evolving and so should your sales strategies. The problem is that sales strategy is comprised of several elements that need to be considered in aggregate. Virtually any organization would benefit from a systematic approach to strategy refinement but there are only so many hours in the day. Accession Consulting acts as a temporary part of your team to provide exceptional resources and a refined methodology.

Client Growth & Retention

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that acquiring new customers can cost up to seven times more than retaining existing customers.   This  provides a lot of opportunity to outperform your competitors.  The same is true of client retention.  We can help your company outperform your competitors in these areas.

Sales Process & Best Practices

Even the best sales strategies are not fully effective without the optimal organization structure, resources, and tools supporting your sales effort.  We can help evaluate your current practices and identify the best resources and tools to support  your strategy and process. Your organization will realize a improved productivity when all of these elements are refined to work together.

Sales Compensation

Well crafted sales compensation and incentive plans are one of the most effective tools available to management in maintaining focus on organizational objectives and  short term revenue goals.   Creativity attract high performing individuals and fundamentally sound comp plans assure sales budgets are maintained at various performance levels

Team Assessment & Development

Your organization has made a considerable investment in  sales resources.   Simply rating their abilities has only modest value.  Our approach in  assessing individuals is to develop a plan that leverages their strengths and also provides a clear path to improving any weakness.  A byproduct of this process is a framework for performance plans for all team members as well as a profile that defines the ideal skills set for specific roles.

Interim Leadership

We work with all sizes of sales organizations that are transitioning leadership or need assistance adapting to changes in the competitive environment.  Accession Consulting can provide a seasoned sales leader to assess the current state and implement refined sales process and sales best practices into the organization.