Has your competitive environment changed?  Are you entering a new market or adding services that require new strategies and tactics?  Perhaps your sales force is simply not as effective as you believe it could be.  While your inclination might be to seek new sales leadership, a more effective approach is often to bring on interim leadership to assess your sales organization and implement the requisite changes.  The skill set required to assess, plan and implement the needed changes is most often not the same skill  set to manage sales process and practices.

Sales Transformation

If you have come to believe your sales model and practices have not adequately changed to meet your current needs, Accession Consulting can provide the experience and methodology required to assess the current state and develop a successful transformation plan.  Our role can be to facilitate change in collaboration with current leadership or we can provide interim leadership while refining your current sales organization, strategies and practices. We will help identify, recruit, on-board, and support the new sales leader once the appropriate organizational changes have been determined.  This approach provides the opportunity to identify the exact skills, experience to target in the search for new leadership.  Accession will be there to help with the transition and assure maximum advantage is taken of any newly implemented tools, process, and programs.

Transition Planning & Implementation

There are also situations where a sales team simply needs additional leadership for a period of time.   This could be to support strategic changes, process improvement or entering new markets or channels.   Your organization might also benefit from a fresh perspective on sales approach, sales support, tools, or any number of practices that could benefit from refinement.  Accession Consulting can act in an advisory capacity or develop specific sales practices and/or processes while your team continues to focus on short-term priorities.

Sales Transformation

  • Performance Mgmt
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Channel Strategy
  • Sales Budget
  • Net Profitability
  • Sales Process
  • Communication

Planning & Implementation

  • Partner Relationships
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Pricing Management
  • Margin Maintenance
  • Sales Support
  • Sales Tools