One of the benefits of engaging a consulting firm should be a refined methodology.  However, there can be a tendency to jump right to an in depth analysis of the entire operation.  We understand this creates a reluctance to involve a consultant so we generally begin our engagements in an advisory capacity.   Our Approach is to first collaborate with clients to determine if there are specific areas or refinements likely to improve productivity without the cost and time requirements of assessing every aspect of the sales organization. Another primary benefits is out focus on sustainable profitability.  Revenue is not the best measure of success.  We are all for growing revenue but organizational health is much more directly related to sales efficiency, contribution margin, and ultimately net profit.   Therefore, the focus of our sales consultancy is building an organizational structure with the process, programs, and practices that produce net profit.  This is much easier said than done and any meaningful assessment requires more than a revenue projection.   Accession Consulting will help you build a more profitable business model. Our approach has a strong financial content.  Financial models are built when necessary to assure the profitability drivers are clear when developing new strategies, programs, and practices.  This provides valuable decision support to out clients in terms of maximizing returns on investment in sales..

Building Sustainable Success

In the course of working with many sales organizations over the years, we have observed a significant focus on the immediate term.  While it is extremely important to close business in the short-term, sustainable success is the product of developing strategies, process and  programs that sustain sales growth and profitability.  Perhaps that’s why you are considering assistance from a sales consultancy.  Our forte is  building strategies and practices that will help your organization build and sustain success.