Organization Model

Refinement to an organizational model have tremendous potential to increase profitability.   If your organization has not specifically evaluated the type and number of sales resources as well as partner and channel development assets, your firm likely has considerable untapped potential.  Accession Consulting can assess this potential, evaluate alternatives, and assist in the implementation of any for of organizational transformation.

Accession Consulting will also evaluate your current sales operations model for opportunities to be more efficient and effective.   We will evaluate current processes, technology, and communications in the process of identifying opportunities to improve productivity and/or reduce cost.

Competitive Position

Sustained growth, closing ratios, margin maintenance, recruiting, and several other key factors of success are a product of competitive positioning and building credibility with prospective buyers.   Defining your competitive position and establishing credibility are a product of numerous influences from the first contact (digital or personal) with a client to submitting a proposal.  Accession Consulting will evaluate your competitive position and then work with your team to refine product/service offerings while establishing practices and programs that will build value and credibility with your clients.

Budget and Profitability

Net profitability is the central theme of our consultancy.  Accession Consulting has developed an analytical framework for performing organizational assessments with an emphasis on financial ramifications.  The resulting deliverable includes an analysis of the business case for any “future state” under consideration because any practice is only a best practice if the investment or practice maximizes the benefit to a specific organization in terms of meeting business requirements, productivity, competitive advantage and/or risk mitigation value.

Organizational Model

  • Sales Model
  • Partner Network
  • Channels
  • Sales Operations
  • Communication

Competitive Position

  • Competitive Profile
  • Win/Loss Analysis
  • Partner or Vendor
  • Value Proposition
  • Vertical Specialty
  • Differentiators
  • Building Credibility

Budget & Profitability

  • Analytics
  • Margin Maintenance
  • Operating Cost
  • Sales Budget
  • Services Review