Sales Staff Assessments

Do you have the right people?  Is there untapped potential within your sales team?  Does you hiring criteria and process identify the best candidates?  There are many ways to approach answering these questions.  Accession Consulting can help you develop sustainable methods of identifying, hiring, and developing the best candidates.

Assessing a sales team should go deeper than merely determining the relative skill sets of the current staff.  That approach has limited utility.  Accession Consulting uses these findings to define hiring criteria/process, oversight tools and methods, individuals plans/programs that enhance productivity.  Sales performance gains improve when the focus of the exercise is the the professional development or each individual.  We also find that sales resources and tools are an integral part of the skills evaluation and the developmental plan.  Therefore, resources and tools are generally included in the scope of this type of engagement.

Development Plans

How actively does your organization develop and refine the skills/competencies of your sales team?  Do you have adequate tools in place to evaluate your hiring and development practices?  Assessing your staff will create as many questions as it does answers.   That’s a good thing.   We must identify the root cause of any deficiencies if we are to compare the benefits of potential refinements to current programs and practices. Accession Consulting will assess the tools currently at your disposal to evaluate and develop sales team members.  We also will evaluate potential refinements and/or additions to the tools you are using presently.   The right tools combined with effective implementation will significantly improve productivity and the sustainability of that production.

Does your firm actively utilize a variety of tools to determine the relative effectiveness of your sales team?  Can you recruit sales professionals who can bring business with them?  Do you know the cost of on-boarding a new sales person.  All of these questions and many others should be considered in developing a sales development strategy.  Accession Consulting can help you answer these questions and build a business case analysis to determine the value of prospective strategies and practices.

Staff Assessment

  • Sales Metrics
  • Profile Job Requirements
  • Skills Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Development Plan
  • Team Contribution

Development Plans

  • Individual Performance Plan
  • Performance Management
  • Skills Development
  • Use of Tools
  • Professional Associations
  • Measurements


  • Win/Loss Analysis
  • Client Surveys
  • Candidate Testing
  • Executive Briefings
  • Sales Playbook